Happy 1st Gibson ever day!


ooooo a Gibby!

White purrrty


Now the bad news .... a 5 fret long crack down the neck ... I thought it was justwear (I got the worn white and cream model)

But, David at Guitar Center Houston, a total beast, rounded up a new one from a nearby GC and replaced it within 2 days!

So Pics of the new one!


This one has A LOT more wear on the front and I'm not sure how I like it ...
And I think I would feel bad returning it or asking for another new one, so I'll just be glad that it sounds really good (A big step up from my Agile 3000al)

I guess I could post a review in a couple of days, and maybe some sound clips too!
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Cool, I just got a 60's tribute 2 months ago, however I think Im gonna yank the p90's out.
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That picture site doesn't seem to work for me but congrats on the new guitar.
(I think) I am not 100% loving this guitar ... +I don't really like the wear on the front (the one I had first was perfect in that regard)

I'm kinda thinking I'll return it over the weekend and take home a different guitar.
Trouble is that I am in love with the Les Paul shape
(my first electric was an agile, a placeholder for the real mccoy lol)

I would love some input from you guys/gals:
I mostly strum open and barre chords while singing along, I don't really play any lead stuff.
I could stretch my budget to a little over $1000 US Dollars

of course I am going to try as many guitars in my price range as possible, but a few starting points would be great!
I say keep it if your only complaint is the wear on the front. It's going to happen anyway. Now you don't have to worry about it. It looks loved. Happy NGD!
Uh hngd but dayum looks like that bitch was made out of the ugly tree
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