Whats the difference between the old HT-5 and the new updated HT-5R, besides the obvious. The only differences I see are reverb, and a 12" speaker. I've heard that is has a little more gain. Should I wait for it to come out of just buy the regular HT-5? Also what is the push/pull power amp feature on the amp?

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Pretty sure the new one allows you to record using the emulated out and monitor it through the amp's speaker aswell.
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Wait for the new one to come out. Asking this right now is a rather moot point.
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The Reverb and speaker alone are enough to wait for the HT-5R, I too am in the same position as you. The emulated out is also something worth considering if you ever come across a cab, as well as for recording purposes (not more configuring an amp in Garagebang, hooray!).

Definitely wait for the refresh, the only thing left to complain about it then is that it's not true true Valve.