Listing my nephews guitar up here, he's not dedicated to the idea of getting rid of it, but at the same time wants something less "metal" looking. The guitar is a well taken care of ESP eclipse II, sunburst Finish, with the seymour duncan 59/JB combo for pickups. The guitar is completely stock (locking tuners and all), and in normal used condition, i.e. a few nicks and scratches here and there but nothing serious or detrimental to play.

As far as playing goes, its a wonderful guitar, light and easy to play. I actually was the one who bought it, but didnt play it and gave it to him as a graduation gift. Its very versatile, slightly brighter than a normal les paul. He played boston hardcore with it, but you can get some great blues, rock, and jazz tones out of it. The woman tone isnt going to be easy to nail, but almost everything else can be done with the pickups. The guitar really responds to the amp in tone, it can handle the heaviest of fuzz through an orange, but can easily clean up on the neck through a vox or fender. The neck is thin, not ibanez thin, but thin, and the frets are jumbo/big (which isnt my thing but most people love it!). It was just set up with fresh strings and the intonation is perfect.

as far as trades go, he's looking for single coils. Telecasters, jazzmasters, Strats, and jaguars are the main idea, especially anything vintage style. maybe a gibson, but a fender is really what he wants. still, never hurts to send an offer. As far as trades go, just shoot an offer out, he's more committed to a trade.

Also, i have the guitar in my posession, and will upload hq pics once i have access to a quality cameral