well here is my predicament. i own an ibanez xiphos, and its a pretty awesome guitar. its the best guitar ive owned up til this point (had about 10 or so). ive had it for over a year now and i'm getting a little bored with it. as awesome as it plays, i'm kinda getting over the crazy body shape and ive been looking at jem project bodies on ebay. i have seen some awesome looking swirled bodies on the ebay for as little as $130 (basswood) and i would just have to get it clearcoated by a car painting guy. i'm becoming a jem fan, i used to own a 555 and besides having a shitty bridge and a twisted neck it was the best sounding guitar ive owned- the xiphos gets pretty muddy on the low notes (in c standard) and basswood has great note clarity. i'm thinking i could have a pretty epic jem from parts on ebay. help me make a decision!(or just give some thoughts on the matter!)
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