I bought a beginner acoustic/electric guitar few years back. It is a red Washburn, and it was about 300(i think i got jipped cause i see it online and its liek 150). anyways....i improved then a bought a mex fender strat and its nice.

however, i need a new acoustic to replace the old one, but i do not know which to get...

can anyone give any suggestions?

I prefer normal color (wood color lol), and an acoustic or acoustic electric that can plug into an amp. i sing pop music so i plan on singing with the guitar.

my budget is 800-1000 dollars..

thank you.
I suggest an ovation. With that price range you could get a pretty decent ovation and they sound pretty damn good plugged in. You just have to get over the goofy back and crazy lookin sound holes on some of them.

maybe this one?
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yeah even if the sound is nice, i cant stand the look...lol...sorry

they look so damn stupid, but they have the nicest tone i ever heard for the price range. but ofc tone is debatable on where you stand. this guitar is a classic case of "would u buy an amazing sounding guitar that looks like crap?"
you don't tell us anything about your preferences, so i'll give you some of my sort of "one size fits all" recommendations.

every guitar on this page
is an all solid blueridge. blueridge guitars have great tone, and as you can see, there is a dread in spruce/mahogany, a dread in spruce/rosewood and some 000's. these are very good sounding guitars - i've actually played every one on the page. there's an adirondack topped model with a 1 3/4" nut, which is probably my favorite, but there's also an acoustic electric that i like

recording king all solid guitars sound good, too, but in your price range i'd also suggest you check out eastman guitars. the 600 to 800 series just blow me away with great tone, nice finishes and great quality.

you can have a pickup installed in pretty much any guitar, btw.
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I do not really know anything about acoustics so I don't really have a preference...

I guess I prefer major companies like Gibson, Martin, Fender, Breedlove, Takamine, or Taylor just to be safe.

The only thing I can say is that I like to sing acoustic covers of pop songs.


Are any guitars within my price range from the listed companies good? I know that companies such as Martin may have only crappy guitars that are within my price range and the amazing ones over thousands.

I also want acoustic/electrics with a cutaway so I can reach the upper frets.
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I do not really know anything about acoustics so I don't really have a preference...

I guess I prefer major companies like Gibson, Martin, Fender, Breedlove, Takamine, or Taylor just to be safe.

In your case it might be a good idea to head out to your local shop and try a bunch. $1000 is a pretty good little stack of money to drop on a guitar you "don't really know anything about". Before you consider spending, definitely go and try different things, find out what you like.

Then, when you know what kind of specs you like on a guitar (tone etc.), re-post and the good people of UG will likely have no problem matching your requirements with a nice piece.

Also, you shouldn't just go for a major company "to be safe". Don't limit your options. Some great companies make crappy models, and some smaller companies make awesome instruments. Happy shopping.
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If I were you I'd go up a hundred or two and get one of these Martins


Or a Taylor


But don't trust me and whatever options I give you, go out and play every guitar you can find.
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My breedlove sounds amazing. I highly suggest looking in to that brand. I love mine more than anything.
Your playing pop music ... Just get an Ibanez or something.

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