I just bought a BC Rich Avenge from Craigslist for $80, and it plays great, only one problem: there's an unbearable amount of feedback. I tried using a different cable, I tried tightening the screws on the jack where you connect the cable, I'm not sure what else to do.

It appears to be a problem with the jack, because I can hear the sound going in and out (faint, poor tone) a bit while I play, and it makes static noises when the cable is moved around. The feedback almost disappears when I touch the metal part of the instrument cable, and the tone sounds clear and normal when I push the cable in and hold it there.

P.S. I did try the guitar before buying it, but there was only slight feedback, and it sounded like a normal amount of feedback for the 15 watt amp the guy had. It wasn't turned up very loud either.

A little help guys?
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Check your ground wires?
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look at the jack and see if any wires are falling off.
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Is it just when your not touching strings or anything metal?
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I wasn't properly grounded, whatever that means. I still don't fully understand the concept besides that it deals with electric current. My tremolo pedal wasn't quite plugged in all the way, and when I pushed it in a bit more, the feedback stopped. I thought "Well if I'm not plugged in to my pedals it must be the guitar itself" but apparently not.

I'm glad it wasn't an issue requiring money to fix. Now I just need to swap out the cheesy little BC Rich stock pickup, any suggestions as to what pickup to buy?
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It really really depends on what you want to play, but the Seymour Duncan JB is a very versatile pickup that has many fans. Check the "Which Pickups?" thread on GB&C; they're really helpful guys over there.
Thanks, I have Seymour Duncans on my Fender Showmaster, and they sound great. I'm going to be using the Avenge to play mostly punk and metal. I'd like to get a different pickup just for variety. I'll check out that thread.
Wait, never mind, the BC Rich is still making the noise, and the Fender Showmaster does not. Is it the pickup perhaps? Why does the noise go away when I touch something metal (not the guitar strings)?