These are the first two in a new daily series I'm going to be doing called Elv1saday, where I record every song that Elvis did (according to a list that I found) in as close to chronological order as I can, and put them up on that channel, 1 song a day. And it's going to be just my voice and a guitar, which means some of the songs are going to be stripped down.
You should try and improve the recording quality.
I'm so happy. I get to eat a muffin.
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Goes around tryina light dudes on fire.
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Too much Sublime.

I tell a lie, there is no such thing.
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You should try and improve the recording quality.

I try to make it as good as I can, but right now I'm using a rockband microphone.
any suggestions on how to improve the quality?
you have a good voice for this type of stuff man. it was nice to listen to.

could you comment on my recording?


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