Soooo I want to get into some Funk music because I heard it's fun to play on bass. Thing is, I don't know who's a good Funk band/artist ._.
Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins are the first two to come to mind.

Would Marcus Miller count?
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while not a 'funk' band in the truest sense, 'cake' is amazing.

'the distance' and 'i will survive' are both awesome funky songs.
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Bootsy Collins, because he doesn't slap. At least that is as far as I know. I hate slapping...
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'September' by Earth Wind and Fire is a great song to play along to.
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I started playing funk mostly while listening to Jamiroquai. I feel it's easier to get into because it's like a funk/rock band rather than solely funk, which will then bridge your tastes from rock to funk (assuming you're currently into rock)
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Aswell as funk, some other really groove orientated music,

brand new heavies
Groove Armada
Kool and the Gang
The Sound Stylistics
Raw Stylus
Norman Brown

Are a few of my Itunes.
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If you want to learn funk bass, it's all about Bootsy.
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red hot chili peppers
bootsy collins
james brown
lenny kravitz
mike b the flea is my personal funk hero :]
or you could go listen to the music they play i the background in porn, lmao.
those bass lines are good and funky....so i've heard :/