Mine is a Prmeier Cabria Tricked out wiht some epic Sabian crashes, some sad Zidljian Hats and ride and cracked crash, and some remo Skins on the toms, and Evans Genera Dry on the snare.

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My "friend" has the most grungy drum kit you've ever seen. For a double bass he has 2 pedals and 2 bass drums, some gumped up cymbals, had to turn one of the toms upside down because one side had a hole.

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. It didn't sound terrible but definately not good
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An old Tama set from the 70's which I have covered in duct tape, that includes 2 mounted toms, 14 and 16 in., 2 floor toms, 18 and 21 in., 24 bass, snare, paiste 14 hi-hat, 22 crash, sabian 26 ride, zildjian 16 crash.
My newer set that I have combined into this dinosaur consists of a Groove percussion 24 bass, snare, mounted 12 and 14 tom.
I've also got a mounted Afro cowbell (also from 70's), with a mounted tambourine (not sure on the brand).

[side note]
My double pedal, which is connected to the Tama bass is a Dragon, and the single pedal on the GP is a Phantom (likely to be from the 80's, as it has a leather drive)

Probably more than you wanted to know about my set, but hey, you never gave specifics. ;D
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I have a Remo bass head, Evan heads on my snare and I only use on floor tom with an Evans head. I have a 22'' (I think...?) Sabian ride, 10'' china, 10" splash, I have two double bass pedals, one is DW 7000, and I can't remember the name of the other one... and a broken crash. All CB shells. Pretty cheap shit.
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I've got a vintage pearl 5pc kit that was a lower end model in the 60's. I think it's made of poplar with a metal snare. Paste signature 8" splash, Sabian AA crashes in 14", 16", and 18" and a sabian AA ride. My highat is currently a horrible chamber hat made in Germany. Instead of a china cymbal I've got some thin POS that I found on the street that had been run over by several cars and it sounds Awesome. I have no heads at the moment because I "sold" my replacement heads to another drummer that didn't actually pay me the money for them and I currently can't afford new ones so I don't actually play my trap set now. Oh, I've also got a 2nd slingerland snare that is really thin and high pitch and a butload of percussion stuff like mini bongos, bongos, congas, djembes of 2 sizes, and various hand percussion items. I also the obligatory cowbell and a tama double bass pedal but I can't remember the model.
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I use a POS Performance Percussion kit, lowest of the low, but it makes me feel so much better, when I play on good quality kits and sound fairly good, because I'm used to sounding crap on mine, haha.

Although my entire kit is stock, I had a friend, who's a professional drummer in a local band set it up for me, and it turned out sounding pretty nice, but I definately need some new skins for the batter side...they've been on it for nearly 6 years.