I've had this guitar for a while, it's been good to me. I'm asking 200 + Shipping.

The Yamaha RGX603A is a phenomenal guitar!
- It has a lightning fast neck.
- Made in Taiwan. Excellent craftsmanship on this guitar.
- Custom inlay on 12th fret, 24 frets, binding on the neck
- 3 active single coils, possibly EMG designed?
- On/off switch for each single coil
- One of a kind unique Floyd Rose that strings like a Les Paul! No more worrying about your Floyd when you string this guitar!
- From what I've heard, this guitar is from 1986-1989, and in good shape given its age.

Link to pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/62722869@N07/sets/72157626695111754/
Yes, each pickup has an on/off switch, and it stops sound. All can be on, all can be off at any given time if you hit the switch. It's a pretty cool design.