So pit, the question; do you?

I dunno it seems a strange habit but I tend to

Most often they seem to be of the opposite gender...

My acoustic is Gourdon and my little AC adapter is Larry... trying to decide on a name for my strat ^^

(Hey im strange so what)
I just had to post this, didn't I.
yes sir my main guitar is Shred-a-beast pronounce it one word
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Yes. My guitar is named Searchbar.
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Yes. My guitar is named Searchbar.

what a coincidence, so is mine. and i use that guitar very often.
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Sorry, I was unaware that only pro guitarists were allowed to name guitars. Honest officer!
I just had to post this, didn't I.
I try to. My first electric is named Sarah, and I've been meaning to fix her up and do something cool with her, like make her fretless. I had someone on here name my semihollow at random because I'd gone like two years without naming it, and it was an awesome name, but I totally forgot it, and I've searched and searched for it, but I can't find the post.

My acoustic remains unnamed for now, because it hasn't told me its name yet.

My new Jazzmaster is named Thurston. This one was picked out in advance. It was gonna be Alison if it was a girl, and Thurston if it was a boy. I determined it was a boy, and so his name is Thurston.
Hey, hriday_hazarika can say whatever he wants: it's fucking PURPLE!

LOL @ naming your AC adapter

My electric, acoustic and classical guitars are also called Searchbar, Searchbar and Searchbar.
I called my drum kit Mary-jane....................So I can say to people "I am going home to bang Mary-jane".
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I probably named them at one point. Don't remember any names, but my girl named my schecter ultra III Balthazar and apparently it's a hermaphrodite. Cool. I named my bass autie. olol I'm fingering autie ololol slapping autie.
It's a weekly thing, Legion.
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Despite this topic being done before and blah blah blah, I feel inclined to answer it anyway.

So I named my acoustic "With My Dick" because well, "Hey imma go play With My Dick" "Dude, your playing With My Dick!" etc, etc, etc. It did it's job with the hilarity when I was with a group of friends, and a friend of mine who was a girl had this conversation with me (Who knew the joke of my guitar's name, the rest didn't) "Hey so I was playing with my dick last night" "Oh yeah I heard!" "Yeah we were on the phone!" [Laughter ensue between us and "What the ****" looks for the rest].

Then after all the jokes and the people trying to be lame and hopping on the Sief's Guitar Joke Train with all the "Hur hur hur he's touching your dick, Sief!" and I'm like, the joke is ****ing "WITH my dick" you prick.

So I changed it to Aimee but the name still lingers.

And that, my friends, is the story behind my guitar's name. As for the rest of them, I haven't decided or bothered.
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There have been a million of these threads.

However, yes. Yes I do.

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