Hey guys

I'm looking to change guitars...at the moment I have a Schecter Damien 6. I like to play metal...so what guitars should I look at? about $400 in value?

What's wrong with the guitar? Why are you wasting money on another guitar of the same value?

Save your money.
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Yeah dont upgrade unless you're actually upgrading. Unless theres something drastically wrong with the Schecter, save up more cash before you buy another guitar.
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I'd say only buy a new guitar if you're trading your old one out. If you are, buy a used guitar cuz you'll get more bang for your buck that way. Unless you can find a sweet deal.

But don't buy another at the same price range, just save up and upgrade if you REALLY want a new guitar.
It wouldn't be much of a upgrade if you got a guitar in the same price range.

I'd recommend saving up for a better guitar.
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Theres not much you can get for 400 brand new.
Dont buy used.
For 500-600 you could get an entry level BC rich..