So I'm looking for a new guitar and I came across this:


Sure as hell seems a little generous! Although I've bought other stuff from this site, such as hats which were WELL below RRP and also checked out to be legit, I'm still questioning this.

Judging by the pics, it looks really, really... well, real. If it is a replica, it's a damn good one. And they're selling it for much less than half of a Gibson LP custom here in AU.

So what's up?
Should I?

Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
Found the sticky, thanks anyway
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
are you freaking kidding? of course that's a fake. and just because it looks good doesn't mean it'll play well. plus replicating those special stickers, tags, cases and authenticity certificates isn't as impossible as it seems.
it does say their products from china. so yeah. most likely fake.

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If it says "gipson" or "gibsun" thats usually a pretty good give away

and real gibons are like that i noticed the gutiar kinda said gibsun but the O isn't closed so yeah.