I was just wondering who owns the publishing rights to any contributions one makes to this site? If I post a lesson here, do I own the lesson, or does Ultimate-Guitar automatically own the material once it is accepted?

"7.2 Ultimate Guitar does not claim any ownership rights in User Generated Content that you transmit, submit, display or publish (“post&rdquo on, through or in connection with the Service. After posting your User Generated Content on, through or in connection with the Service, you continue to retain any such rights that you may have in your User Generated Content"

Thanks! Correct me if I'm wrong, but that does mean that whatever I post here, I legally still own.
I can answer this one quite easily.

You will retain all rights of ownership to your work unless you are contractually obligated to relinquish those rights. However, publishers are going to be much less interested in you work if it is already available somewhere else, and UG are unlikely to delete work that's already been uploaded without a reason that benefits them as well.
Okay Thank you. I don't intend publishing anything soon. There's a side of me that is worried about posting all this stuff on the internet (especially because I consider much of the content in my lessons to be quite original), but another side that thinks that I'm being vain or greedy and should share what things I know for free because I enjoy doing so.
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