Wow, didn't think I was ever going to post again, but this is the only place I could think of that could help me.

I'm sure you've heard it all before but: I want to buy a Bass and Amplifier, and I need your help deciding on both (especially the amplifier).

I've played guitar for years, but recently have been playing a bit of bass, only to discover I think I love it even more than guitar.


I'll be playing a bunch of different styles, but mainly progressive rock/metal type things (For example: Porcupine Tree). I'll be playing with either a pick or with my fingers, whatever the song calls for. I was thinking of a Fender Jazz bass, as it's around my price range (£500) for a bass, and I prefer the way they look and feel compared to a precision. The only other thing I was really considering was some kind of Music Man bass, as I really love the shape of the Stingray. If you can find me a bass of similar price and quality as a Fender Jazz, I'll certainly consider it.


Now I don't really have a clue. I don't want to mess around with the whole Cab/Head stuff, so I guess a combo is what I'm after. Preferably something that's alright for playing at home and band practices, but also with the potential for gigs. Somewhere in the price range of £200, I'm thinking.

Thanks in advance for the help, guys.

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Hey there!

Well, I did a little investigating on the interwebs on the prices of basses in the UK, and found GAK, which I'm pretty sure is a huge music retailer in the UK. So all the prices I'm getting are based from that site.

You said that you were thinking of getting a Fender Jazz Bass, which is a good choice btw, but then you said it's around your price range off 500 pounds - so I'm guessing you were looking at the MIM Fender Standard Jazz. I've heard that the MIM (Made in Mexico) Basses can be a hit and miss. May I recommend some other basses?

-Squier Classic Vibe or Vintage Jazz Bass: both around the 300 pounds mark (which leaves you more money for the amp! ), solid basses, easily the best in their price range IMO, a good one is easily better then a crap MIM, better value for money then the Fender MIM IMO, I own the VM Jazz '77 and I would highly recommend it.

-Ibanez SR, SRX, BTB series (around 500-600): I've never heard anything bad about these basses, good quality, reputable brand, though they have very thin necks which is very subjective - either you love it or hate it.

Depending on what you're think of getting, you could be able to save some money from getting a bass that is sub-500 pounds and add it towards your bass fund! Wahoo!
Considering you're only going to be practicing at home but you also have the potential for gigging so I would think about getting something that is 200W+. Bass Combo Amps/Brands to look at:

If you don't mind second hand look out for Peavey, I've constantly heard about how solid they are so who knows, you might pick up a bargain! Win!

I would look at Ashdown, G&K, Marshall, Fender, Orange and Peavey. Whatever you can afford. But please, PLEASE, stay away from Behringer. Why? I'll let someone else recount the perils of purchasing a Behringer. Just as long as you don't buy one. It's not worth it. Trust me.

Hmm, I think thats it, I hope it helped in some small, insignificant way.
There was once a wise Chinese man who said:

"All you can eat, $12.50"
As a bass I would suggest an Ibanez ATK.
They're not for everyone, but you should really try one out.

Amp-wise you should stay away from behringer and try to get something with at least 120W for band practices.
Laney, peavey, ashdown, hartke, warwick, GK (MB series, not the backline) and kustom make decent amps at a reasonable price.
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Thanks for all the help so far.

I'm wondering about the difference between Mahogany and Ash bodies, as they seem to be the only difference between the Ibanez SR500 and SR600. I play a lot of different styles, so it needs to be quite versatile.

Also, any more recommendations for amplifier would be helpful, cheers.

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For £200 you could probably get a ****ing massive Ashdown these days...they're pretty cheap now

If you look on Basschat, Musicman Stingrays don't go for much more than £500 at the moment - there's one there now for £580.
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