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Two questions:

1) Crazy Train:

Guitar Intro
PIck Slide down the neck
e X\---X\---------------------|-------------------------------------------------
B X\---X\-------X\-----X\-----|-------------------------------------------------
G --------------X\-----X\-----|----------------------------------
D ----------------------------|-------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------|----------
E ----------------------------|-----

How do yoy play that?

2) Push push lady lightning:


What are the x's? How do you play them?
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and the x's are muted notes, there should be thousands of youtube vids to explain it better than through text
Well the pick slide (X) is basically rubbing your pick on the strings, it gets a cool scratching effect and the little x is for muted notes for the most part. There may be different ways of writing it down, just listen to the song and figure it out.
Crazy Train:
Just use the edge of your pick and drag it along your strings from around the pickups down the neck.

Push Push..:
The X's are muted notes. Mute the strings with your left hand, and strum/pick the rhythm with your right.
What note am I even muting? Am I just playing an open string which is palm muted?

Also for the rubbing the strings where do I start from and go to?
No. You don't palm mute, you mute the strings. Just rest your fingers over the indicated strings, and openly pluck said strings. It should make a clicking sound.
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No. You don't palm mute, you mute the strings. Just rest your fingers over the indicated strings, and openly pluck said strings. It should make a clicking sound.

Arent those harmonics though?
It depends what fret your fingers are resting above. If you rest your fingers above frets 1-3ish (cover ALL the strings with your left hand) and pluck the strings (you can palm mute or not, it just makes it sound different) it will make the sound you're looking for.
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Arent those harmonics though?


check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVSowX4j3F0
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Sorry.. didn't look fully at the guitar tab. My last post was regarding the beginning section where the three strings are muted. The other parts are just muted individual strings. For the individual muted strings, just rest your fingers on the string over the fret you're about to play, and pick the string. I'm not exactly sure how to play that song, but check if there are any covers on youtube for a general idea on finger placement.
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