I have another sibelius recording of a song here which i'd like you lovely people to listen to.

As it says in the title it is caled 'Take Up Arms'

It's features guitars, bass drums as would be expected but it also has a full classical era orchestra on top of it so it's kind of a rock/classical fusion song if you want to call it that. I would like to hear some opinions on it but mainly i want to check if it is correct in terms of use and application of theory.

It has full vocals but I need to work out the phrasing of them so I can't score out the melody.

Hope you enjoy and thank you in advance for an constructive criticism.
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IT sounds a bit like a ringtone that you use to get on the old sony ericson phones. Although I do like it. Defiantly agree with InnerDream that the lack of real drums makes it feel like its dragging and on the orchestra feel

Overall, good job!