i want to adjust the truss rod but i dont know how. it seems my neck bends
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Which way is the neck bending?

If there is up bow (too much string tension) you need to tighten the rod with a clockwise adjustment,

if there is down bow (too much rod tension) you need to loosen the rod with an anticlockwise motion.

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Do it slowly.
If you're even slightly unsure about this, take it to a luthier.


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1. measure your necks relief.

how to measure is explained in the first
post of the setup thread.
green link in my sig.

When to adjust??
if you already tried adjusting the action at the bridge
and are still getting buzz that transmits thru the amp or
if you feel you have too much relief.
after measuring...

if you can fit a credit card in the gap at the middle
frets when both places are held.

if you don't have enough relief...
if the string lays on the middle gap with both
places held.

then post back for further instruction.

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