Not too sure if this section is the right place to post this type of thread...


I'm but a humble noob to this forum so I'll give u some background info. Been playing about 9/10 years and recently got interested how people approach the guitar, in terms of their learning process.

I'm doing a bit of research on it at the moment for a project. If you fancy helping me out and taking part please click here:


It's only 10 questions and will take no more than 2 mins to do.
Once I've got a decent amount of results I'll post my findings here so if any of you guys are interested you can see the results

Some of the questions might be a bit tricky to answer, so if you have any problems/ other thoughts just pop the in the 'Any Further Comments' box at the end of the questionnaire.

Cheers dudes!
took the survey but honestly it's way to simplistic to get you any decent info.
Yeah, I was using it with some other stuff going on, that one was to try and identify a basic profile for the average player...

Big thanks to everyone who took some time to help me out!

The main conclusion is that you're all very different- there's no real stereotypical player... although the chances are that you're a dude.

Anyhoo here’s the results:

Male 97.83%
Female 2.17%

Range: 551 (16 to 567)
Median: 21
Mode: 19

As a musician, do you consider yorself to be
Beginner 21.74%
Intermediate 58.70%
Advanced 19.57%

Which do you think is more important
Technique 21.74%
Feel 78.26%

Do you have good self motivation, in regard to learning the guitar
Yes 71.74%
No 28.26%

Do you learn best by
Doing 21.74%
Feeling 0.00%
Feeling & Doing 10.87%
Thinking 0.00%
Watching 2.17%
Thinking & Watching 10.87%
Thinking & Doing 39.13%
Feeling & Watching 15.22%

Which type of learning environment do you preffer
One to one 91.30%
Group 8.70%

Is it benificial to have more than one teacher
Yes 56.52%
No 43.48%

Is academic sucess in music important to you
Yes 28.26%
No 71.74%
Well, it is quite simple. You take some courses from your local school first because you have to know the basics first. Then, you go to Youtube and look at instructional videos for songs that you want to learn. Try to get the videos that have the tablature printed on them. Copy down the tablature. Then, practice, practice, practice.

Then, as a final step. Play the song on the stereo and jam along to it.

This is what I do. It seems to work okay.