Hey guys I bought a Jackson JS30 and for a while now the E string has fret buzz which has continually gotten worse. Lately it has been unplayable so what i'm wondering is how to set up my bridge to stop it buzzing? Heres a picture of the bridge so what i'm asking really is what height does each side have to be adjusted to?

as long as you find the action comfortable (obviously it'll be changed more the further towards the bridge you play) after moving it, its kind of up to you

typically you'd raise both sides to the same level

if you just want to get rid of the fret buzz you could try doing it by half turns until the buzzing stops and you'll get a rough idea of the height you need on it with those strings
It looks to me like you have it canted lower toward the lower strings, which is most likely the cause for your fret buzz. I prefer my bridge level but it's not unheard of to have it in the configuration.

My suggestion is crank it up a little until you don't have fret buzz. 1 to 2 turns at most should do it. You may have to make some very minor adjustments to intonation after you do that though.
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I just adjusted both of the thumb wheels so they were pretty low and the same on both sides. D,G,B,E were all perfect except A and E. A is ok but has a little buzz and E is just rediculous it wont even tune its so bad! It's driving me crazy I just wanna play the thing lol any ideas with the E and A ?
Like the other guy said it seems the bridge is leaning towards the low e, a area try slowly bringing it level until the buzz improves
It looks like the left part of the bridge in your picture is a bit lower than the right.
Just raise it a bit.

And black strings?


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what frets are buzzing?

is it transmitting thru the amp?

if it's the first few strings you're going to
want to measure your necks relief.
how to MEASURE is in the first post of the setup thread.

IF you feel the buzz is from frets further up the board,
try raising the bridge a little on that side.

again how to do that, first post setup thread.
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Hey sorry for the late responses. I've raised the bridge now so that both sides are raised equally but still having really bad buzz so much so that I think it might be something else other than the bridge.

I recorded this quick video of how it sounds what do you guys think could be the problem? (Sorry for the AWFUL sound quality i think i had the camera too close to the mic!) It's the open E that is really bad when i play some power chords you cant really tell too much.

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Just sorted it out just incase anybody is having a similar problem, I put a small piece of paper underneath the string just at the nut and it sounds perfect now