An improv which was recorded while attempting to make another (more boring to play) song lol. This is another 3 layers of bass with rhythm, 'melody' and lead all played on the one instrument. I tried not to make it as busy as my last one so hopefully there aren't as many clashes. It picks up around the 40sec ish mark if you can't be bothered listening to all of it. Any critique is welcome.

Thanks again!

P.S Always willing to C4C just link me and I'll be more than happy to oblige.
The lead bass seems out of tune, or you just bend it out of tune, sounds horrible ;D
Nice sound to the rhythm bass tho, trebly - I like that.
Tapping - why?
Bass bass - too quiet.


About the "song" (don't know if you can call it a song, if it has no vocals), or rather the piece - starts interesting, but you need to introduce some variations to the main theme in the rhythm, something like a verse - chorus, I know it was supposed to be just a short jam, but you should try it nonetheless - you'll see it makes the lead more interesting, even when playing the same melody, when the theme under it changes, it adds a whole new depth.
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hhaha thanks for the critique man. Yeh this was just a random jam that I threw together though your right I should probably turn the bass up that's easily fixed. Interesting point on the lead being out of tune, odds are it's just my crappy lead playing abilities bending it out of tune but I am running though a fairly dodgy digital distortion (guitar) distortion pedal mainly because it's around 11:30 at night and over here and I really can't be bothered unpacking any of my bass gear still I wonder if that could do it? That being said I don't have a good enough ear to even tell if its that bad, evidenced by the fact that I put it up to begin with lol.

Thanks again, if you have anything you want me to look at just post it up.