Has anyone here had any experience with music exams?

So, on Wednesday, everyone in my GCSE [OCR, I think] music class had to perform something. I performed and got only 26/30.

Here was the marking stuff.
12/12 for fluency and technical control.
10/12 for "communication".
4/6 for the difficulty of the piece.

For a start, does "communication" mean feeling/emotion? I only think this because my teacher told me that my performance needed to be more "in your face" [it was metal, by the way].

In case you were wondering, I was playing the instrumental 1776 by Iced Earth.



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Well, I had to do my music GCSE performances like that, but I think I was on a different board since it was marked differently.

But yeah, fluency and technical control is just accuracy, how accurate you play it/how well you revive yourself from slipups.
Communication is all about the smaller details, giving the piece feeling, so playing parts quieter where they should be quieter, and how well you bend your notes, and all the smaller aspects like that, just making it sound less robotic.
And the difficulty is just what it is. 26/30 is a good mark though.