Ugh! No matter how hard I try, I can't get all the strings to ring out on the F chord with a mini barre on the high E and B strings. Any suggestions?
keep your index more straight. i used to over-bar the chord so the E and B weren't pushed down hard enough.
I sort of barre the strings with the side of my finger. Find a way that works for you and then repeat a million times.
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The escort service is in this thread as well As a temporary fix until I get better, I think I can use pinky, ring and index. I know this seems odd. This seems to work the best, not sure why. It also works better when I am using a Capo and playing further up the fret board where I don't have to stretch as much. I probably need to get my action lowered a bit.
^ Heya wide, it's not odd actually. It is letting the index rotate back a little so you can use more of the side to barre with. This is exactly what you want to do. Try fretting the F just like you are, then leaving the index on the E,B and using the middle/ring. To keep the index where it is with the pinky/ring will take a little time, Just practice and try some stretching exercises, It will be easier with time.
Use the side of your index finger, not the fleshy pad.
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