OK, I'm about to buy myself a new guitar... It's either an ESP EX or V, but idk which one should I choose. I have the 401FM models in my mind. Both guitars have almost the same specs, which are perfect for me. My only question is:

Which one is more balanced? EX or V? I hold my guitar quite high and the balance of the instrument is an essential part of comfort.

I like the EX better, but if the V is better balanced, I will choose the V.

try 'em both out my bet is that the v might not be as ballanced espially if you sit down , but try for yourself
I haven't tried those models myself but I've played quite a few V's that are neck heavy. The EX looks better balanced but just go to a GC and try em both side by side. Best way to do it
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ted mccarty would love to see the outcome of this thread.

he patented both designs for gibson.

V all the way baby.
im pretty sure ive heard that esp EX models have neck dive tendancies, not sure about Vs.

i know with gibson, the explorer are awesome for sitting down and standing up, Vs are ok sitting down, but really good for standing.
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I haven't tried those models myself but I've played quite a few V's that are neck heavy.

ESP/LTD/Edwards V's are the exception. They have larger bodies, thus balancing them more.

Neither instrument should suffer from neck dive as ESP seems to have taken it into account on almost all their models.
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Just get the EX man, I absolutely love LTD's exxplorers. The shape is way nicer than any other explorer shape. I also have a soft spot for them because an EX-400 was my first REAL guitar and I miss it dearly. It was really a great guitar. In my old band my other guitarist had the V-500 and I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of V's, but the body was extra uncomfortable compared to gibson V's and rhoads.
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I have only played one Explorer and I was sitting down but I am a V guitar player and a lot of the times, they do have a neck dive problem unless they are a light weight model. However, I know some models have the strap buttons moved to balance out the guitar and it tends to do a good job. This has already been mentioned before, but I say just go and try them out. Personally though, V's look way more metal than Explorers in my opinion
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