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It bends the neck slightly, causing a shift in pitch. A very subtle one, though.

Basically this. I once read a quote from Pete Townshend saying that he could get a little pitch shift when he shook the neck on his SG, which had a thinner neck.
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It naturally happens to me...

Tell me who's that writin'...
i read an article about this once. to substitute for a tremolo bar etc on fixed bridges, people shake the neck. if you try it, you can hear a slight tremolo. usually.
i think that when people try to vibrato in a bend, but are not really good at it yet, they tend to shake the guitar.

also, natural to me btw
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There's no "point" about it, it just happens.

In my case, I really put a lot of energy into my vibrato, so the guitar is naturally going to shake.
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Well, because I don't exactly imagine what kind of shaking you had in mind, it think that the shaking can be a consequence of the vibrato itself.
Shaking for changing the pitch would seem a bit unecessary to do, as the point of vibrato... is changing pitch. I shake the neck to change pitch when I play chords. Well, not really shake, I put my hand-to-elbow part of my arm across the upper part of the guitar and then alternately push my elbow and my hand to bend the neck.
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Maybe to use the weight of the guitar to help with wide vibrato?
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Yes, it is mostly done to change to pitch of the note, although I wouldn't advise you to do it, because it can damage your guitar neck. You know Slash learned it the hard way, when his guitar neck broke off from the guitar when he was doing it.
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It happens to me sometimes just as a consequence of going for a really wide. fast vibrato.
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People shake it for the same reason people havelights in see-thru guitars........ or lights in your inlays...... or fans.......
To tell you the truth when i bend a string i dont shake my guitar... i shake my finger.. but the reason why you shake a guitar or finger is to get a sort of tremelo sound from the string bending... picture yourself bending the tremelo bar... the same concept is with guitar shaking, or finger shaking... except shaking is way more subtle.. most people dont know they are hearing it... but their bodys do... hoped that helped
I wasn't going to comment, as I think it can be a natural thing (especially if you are standing up). You should be moving your arm, and your arm is holding the guitar, so it's likely to move the guitar a bit too.

However, I have to point out that there is absolutely no "Tremolo" effect created by this, nor is it desired.

You're saying it sounds like the melody to this? Really?!