I'm looking for a new guitar and I came across a used Fender Strat it seems to be in pretty alright shape (see photo below). My only concern with it is that when I emailed the store the owner told me that no matter what you do with the neck or bridge the guitar still gets a good deal of fret buzz. So what do you think is wrong with the guitar ? I'm thinking that it maybe the pickups.

i dont know if its just the pics or what, but the bridge looks mis-aligned to the neck. the low E has no room and the high E has like a 1/4" from the edge of the board. i cant see how fret buzz is not fixable though (its just to what extent, replacing parts, fret dressing, etc)... i guess you just have to weigh what its being sold for and if u want to take this up as a project.
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no matter what you do with the neck or bridge the guitar still gets a good deal of fret buzz

Be concerned and ask more questions. If nothing you can do to the guitar prevents serious fret buzz, there's generally a problem that will need a replacement of parts, or a serious neck issue.

Not ALWAYS the case, but it's something to take note of.
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It sounds like a neck issue, possibly twisted neck even a broken truss rod. in that case a new neck will be needed. It does look like the bridge is misaligned, but it my be the angle.
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the bridge looks misaligned to the neck.

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Used Fender MIM Strats are everywhere. If I were you I'd save yourself the hassle/risk (as you said you're not really sure about these things) and get one that's in top notch condition.

It's hard to tell what the problem is from pictures alone, but I would've thought that whatever it is they'd be able to remedy something like this at a store...?

The fact that they haven't suggests they're lazy OR don't know what they're doing OR it's not worth it.
the bridge isn't misaligned but the saddles have been set kinda funny which would account for the odd string spacing. the frets could need leveling or the neck could be bad.unless the guitar is dirt cheap then i'd pass.
Well the guitar is only $150 with shipping so thats why I'm still looking at it. Maybe they can even lower it more.
I had a similar problem with my strat I was building, at first I thought the neck wasn't set right but the bridge wasn't set in right