There are a variety of ways to finger most things (even including arpeggios, scales...etc), but what would be the most common ways to do these?

For the above, would you start off playing this with your middle finger? Or would you do your index finger and just change over later on?

Same with this one:

Lastly, is it convenient with pentatonics to use the ring finger? Do people use it mostly for bending? I know the diatonic scales solidly (180+ bpm 16ths) so I'm very comfortable with my pinky. Do they use the ring finger for vibrato (more power or something?)
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one finger to a fret. for the first pattern it's simple, for the second, id stretch with my index finger.
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I'd start on my middle finger for the first one and use 1 fret per finger. For the second I'd start the same, but shift my position up a fret for the last two strings, so play: ML, ML, ML, IL (shift), IL, IR.
(Index, Middle, Ring, Little - just to clear that up)
I use index, for the whole tones i use ring, tone and half i use pinky unless i know i'm going to bend/vibrato it.. then i'll use ring (won't be needing to keep index in position anyway)

Sometimes i do bend/vibrato with pinky here or there... but if it needs to be strong like ending a phrase i'll use ring or even shift slide with index for it.

oh and, just to add a little more, sometimes i will use my pinky on the tone just before the index needs to shift back a fret, so i don't have to jump from ring to index back 3 frets ( if you get what i mean).
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