For a instrumental/blues tone requirement and begginer level, is there a big difference between the two? There is a huge price difference betwwen the two.

Affinity is for 200$ and 112v is for 330$

Am I justified in paying 130$ more for a 112v?
Pacifica is a more versatile instrument.

I'd say the affinity would be more hit and miss in getting a good one...
Its no classic vibe tele thats for sure...

Not to say you cant get bad pacificas but you're more likely to get a bad affinity tele.
If you want a tele you can get a cv50 for about the same price as the Pacifica and some say it's better than a fender mim.
@fuzzpedal: CV50s are not available in my country otherwise I would have bought that only.

@coolstoryagnus: how to spot a bad pacifica then?