Hey guys! Finally unbanned. Here's my newest cover. Kinda rough, but this song has some hard time change parts. d:
Tell me what you think! And don't just be nice so that I'll give you a good comment on yours. I'll be brutally honest, and I expect you to be the same to me.
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Doesn't work man =/
It's pretty good man! Diggin it!
Very smoothly played for a start, and I love the delay for the intro, and your tone in general is pretty awesome. True, there are a few little slip ups, like in the second chorus, and just as you enter the middle section, but aside from that, its very accurate, and it seems like you put your own spin on the piece, instead of copying note for note, which I think is pretty cool.

It seems that you go out of time, in the section just after the short bass solo, but get back into it well, which is the main thing, and what I'd expect from anyone playing live.

Aside from a few little flaws, its well played and recorded, plus its one of my favourite songs ever, so thumbs up from me.

If you wanted to crit back on some of my work, I just recorded this cover (vocals and acoustic guitar). Would be much appreciated, if you took a look.

Thanks! I wish my tone sounded as good in person as my mic makes it sound. lol
Yeah, I always **** up at the breakdown. There's so many time changes in that song!
Thanks for the honest, in depth feedback! I appreciate it.