I' ve recently started a new jazz/blues/alternative/soul etc... band and we thought about playing songs like herbie hancock's chameleon. Normally I play the violin or the bass but we always change instruments -which makes it really fun - and I thought a little soul rythm guitar would really sound nice in it...

Thing is, I really have no idea how to get that sound and the funk vibe

So, we have 2 guitars we could use (my squier affinity fat strat and my mate's J&D's Les Paul) and we would be playing through my Line 6 Spider Amp (75W model). I know this gear will probably not do for what I want, it is my first guitar and amp, and what I would like to know is:

- How to twist my amp so it gets that nice sound (Bass Treble Mids etc...)
- Will I need a Wahwah pedal? If so, what kind of pedal should I buy?
- Any tips concerning playing style for the genre?
- What kind of amp should I be using for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I tried to set up my amp as the funky sound was described in my guitar book, but the sound was not what I wanted.
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turn up the bass and mids

wah pedal always sounds funky(the crybaaby wah is always good and can be found relatively cheap in the ebay)

and for funk nd soul you either want a clean guitar sound or maybe a sligth fuzz...actualy with a clean guitar sound you can do just bout anythiung in funk
for a good funk sound you need different stuff all around. strat or tele with single coils or a semi hollow are the most common guitars found in funk (real funk not RHCP or other psuedo funk). amp with good cleans to a little dirt and that can take a fuzz well. wah pedal hell yeah. a phaser may come in handy as well.