Hey so im really into unique looking guitars and i play in a mathcore melodic psychedelic band. I currently have a Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster and a Eastwood airline tuxedo. Both have p90's and im looking for a darker sound. i was just wondering if i were to get EMG81's would it even work on the guitars or just make them sound shitty.

i know the tuxedo has the non-noise cancelling pickup location so i get a lot of feed back but if i were to get keep it on bottom pick up and keep the front p90 for clean.
idk just a thought.

any advice?

thanks for the input.
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if you want a darker sound im not sure if the emg81 is for you...

you can put emgs in any guitar as long a you have room for the battery but you cant have emgs(active) and p90s(passive) in the same guitar
well you can but its a wiring mess and not usually worth the trouble
now you can put a set of emgs in a guitar but then youd have to take out the p90 thats in the neck position and put in another active pick up in there
This is my worst nightmare come true!

You want to replace the best pickups there are (P-90) with possibly the worst (EMG)?
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Dont get my wrong. P90's are great. Its just for the current music im playing im not getting the proper sound.