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My E and A string have fit perfectly but now i've come to the G string it is higher than the other 2 strings. It is not fitting in the nut thing where the strings are held properly and i've tried filing it with some wet and dry paper (don't have sandpaper) yet the string still sits a bit higher than the others. Can anyone help me resolve this?
You'll need a proper file for that, and it just involves filing it down until the string sits in it nicely, not too much friction.

While you'd probably be fine just filing down the slot for the G-string, it's probably worth filing them all down, as going from factory fit 9 to 12 gauge makes a big difference, and it's important to make sure there isn't too much friction between the nut and the string.

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Will you always be using this gauge from now on? If so, it might be worth getting a pro to do the nut filing.

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