I'm thinking about taking online lessons, & after a bit of googling, JamPlay and GuitarTricks seem to have the best reviews. I've looked over the free lessons on both, but I haven't decided which to actually commit to signing up for.

I know GuitarTricks has a two week free trial of all their content, so I figured I might try that out soon, but does anyone have a preference between the two? Or different online lesson suggestions? Or beginner-ish books? (I played the Mel-Bay series in high school, but noticed that the higher the level, the less helpful they are.)

(P.S. I'm assuming in-person lessons are more to my benefit, but the local music shop charges over my budget and the closest community college offering anything is about 45 minutes away and would be roughly the same price for one semester of lessons as signing up for a year of online lessons. I'm still consider CC, but want to look at all my options first.)
check out justinguitar.com if you havent already, tons of great lessons, 100% free
I don't know why, but I completely forgot this site even has lessons; I've only used it for tabs/chords up to this point.
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check out justinguitar.com if you havent already, tons of great lessons, 100% free

This. So much this.
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Forget the books. A waste of time at this stage. Justin Sandercoe, Marty Schwartz and Andy Collins. Just look them up
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TO be honest, there's nothing that you'll find in paid online lessons that you can't find here.

There's a few huge differences. The teacher is actually there and can physically show you stuff. Early on, a teacher is invaluable in establishing good technique and spotting you to make sure your posture and position is correct.

Secondly, a teacher can tailor your lessons to your wants and needs. Most online lessons will focus on the general information regarding a technique or something, but they usually don't go into the fine details that you don't understand the first time. You cannot ask a video a question. You can post on here, but more often than not, by the time someone who knows what he's talking about gets in there, so much wrong or bad information has been spewed out that it's hard to differentiate between the correct and the incorrect. Having a good teacher negates that problem handily.

When you're starting to learn the basics of guitar, a good teacher is much better than any website. Once you start getting more skilled, you can afford to be more independent from a teacher, but I think that early on, a teacher is an important resource as both a teacher and a source of motivation. A lot of people never get the basics quite right, struggle a while, and then give up playing entirely when a halfway decent teacher could have helped to keep their interest and motivation going.