I'm thinking starting a weekly guitar lesson that extends beyond mere technique and learning how to shred and was wondering if anyone would be interested. I'm just checking because I don't want to start a project like this when there is little interest. The lessons would involve learning the guitar on a more theoretical level, but taught in a practical manner in such a way that people could make use of these taught skills in their playing.

The idea is to tie together various topics in such a way that one set of lessons leads to the next. For example:

1. Learning the Fretboard (I've already posted one lesson so far) which links to
2. Reading and Sight-Reading music (I'm actually not sure how to do this, and if anyone could help with how to post sheet music to this site, if that is at all possible, that'd be great)
3. Basic theory (scale degrees, intervals and chords)
4. Intervals in practice (and their usefulness)
5. Chords and chord construction
6. Arpeggios

...and so on. Each numbered lesson would include a set of about five lessons which expand on the topic (eg. Sight-reading I would teach basic reading on the e and B string, Sight-reading II would teach reading on G and D strings etc.). Once I've completed a "cycle" of all of these lessons, the plan would be to expand on whichever topics I can, but on a higher level (eg. Sight-reading Advanced I would teach reading on higher frets).

What do you think? Would anyone be interested in this stuff and would it be a good contribution to the UG community?


The only way that I can think of teaching sight-reading is through use of Guitar-Pro, but I'm not sure everyone has it...
it would actually be pretty nice to learn some theory and stuff like that im positive for the idea ^^
TuxGuitar is a free program that runs GP5 files. Quick and easy Dload/installation for the people who don't have GP.
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I like the idea of having someone else present some theory and maybe even some kind a practice quiz or something to help enforce the learning, I've been trying to get my theory down but its much harder playing student/teacher by myself then something more structured
I like the sound of this idea, it sounds practical and lots of early guitar players can benefit from this. If you go forward with this idea, I'll learn from it for sure.
Cool! Thanks for the positive response, guys (and gals?)! I have a lot of planning done and have ideas for articles, so after next week (exams), I'll start posting the lessons and see how it goes! I have one lesson up called "Learning the Fretboard" (not sure if I am allowed to link to it), but if you'd like, take a look because that will give you an idea of my style
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