Hi i think I might have posted this,but I'm not too sure. I want to know is there any good 15W amp that can do classic rock/punk. My current budget for this only $100 so any amp $100 below is fine. My current choices are:
-Peavey Vypr 15
-Roland Cube 15
-The slightly more expensive Vox VT15
So I'm up for any suggestions, preferably an amp that can play what I have listed.
For metal, I absolutely love the 15 watt vypyr, has nice cleans imo aswell. The cube is nice for metal.

But if your looking for classic rock and punk tones, the Vox is what your looking for imo.
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I'd certainly go for the Vox, it may be that bit more expensive, but it's worthwhile to save up just that bit more, which shouldn't be much.
Although I can't really find it being still sold in any store online, I still think it's worth it, because it itself is very versatile, with so many effects and stuff for an amp that size, while managing to handle a tube in the preamp to give it that bit more or warmth and tube-like sound from tube amps, which isn't exactly the same as a real tube amp, but then again, none of those are, and this one manages to get around it the closest.

I think you should think about it more in a way that in the long-run your spending less cash and benefiting the most, unlike just buying an amp, just because it's $20 or so cheaper.

This should hold you up for good until you decide to buy a real tube amp or something bigger for gigs or so, incase you don't have any already (or decide that you won't be gigging, and you'll be sticking to just recording or just jamming along at home/with friends).

Unless you want to buy a real 5watt tube amp or so, you won't need more then that Vox for practising at home, it's plenty.
i'd say go for the Roland Cube, its got 4 Boss distortions built in and with the EQ you could easily set it up to get the sound you want. It's also got a great feature called the power squeezer, basically you push this button and it reduces the power right down to about 2 watts (or so it says on the box, i reckon its louder than that) with no loss in gain. They are pretty durable too and well built.

I paid over €100 for mine but i live in a small town so i probably got shafted , but i've heard people get it for less.

The only negative thing i have to say about it is that its not properly earthed so there is some buzz. But that can easily be fixed by earthing one of the screws at the back, but honestly the buzz is minimal so its not worth the hassle.

As for the other two, I have nothing bad to say about them but at the same time nothing good that can out-do the Roland. So go for the Roland.
Hey there, never played the Vox so I won't comment on that one, but I own the Vypyr 15 and have played the Cubes at school. Personally I find the Vypyr a lot more versatile, you mentioned that your specifically looking for a good classic punk/rock tone, and the Vypyr models a buttload of different classic amps. Actually I wasn't even looking for an amp at the time that I bought it but for 100 bucks I thought it was a great deal there are a lot of other cool features and effects on it but I'll let you explore those yourself. That being said, the Cubes are solid as well, I've played live with'em for a few small projects, but again if you want the most bang for your buck go with the VYP!
Go with the vox VT15. They sell it brand new at musicians friend for 129.

Peavy is waay overrated by tone deaf metalheads

The roland is pretty nice too

But the Vox is by far the best bang for your buck


I think they guy is actually playing the vt50, but the 15 has all the same models, effects and sound with a smaller speaker and obviously less wattage
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Id say the vox probably, Ive not played it, but I dont think the vypyr 15 will do what you want very well. the vypyr 30 would since it has the pedal fx, but because the 15watt has been gimped, I really cant recommend it.
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ok and from what i've heard, some people says that you can't undo effects on a peavey vypr. (a review on Musician's Friend)i also saw people testing them on youtube and from what i've heard, it doesn't sound too hot. The Roland and Vox may be my tow main choices now, but I have to see for myself. I also heard of the Vox Pathfinder 15. That's cheaper, but I don't know if that is good.
Roland Cube 15 or Cube 15X or the new 15XL.
Those things are very versatile.


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Get the Vox. It have a VT30, and it ****ing screams. I play metal on it all the time and it does it great, it can do classic rock and punk just fine too.
Roland Cube if you plan on using pedals, Peavey Vypyr if you don't.
I think vox would be good. I saw the vide demo and I definitely will get it...unless my budget is cut short.What would be option 2 if thats the case?
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Some words of advice:

1) Never read the reviews on the website you buy the gear from. 90% of the time, they're terrible and the person who wrote it doesn't know what he or she is talking about.

2) Take youtube demos with a grain of salt. The compression can make a good amp sound terrible.

3) Go and try them yourself. You can have people on this forum bicker about which amp is better for ages and never get anywhere.

Also I have no idea what you're going on about with the "undo effects" thing. If you're talking about turning the effects off, all you do is turn the effects knob to the "Bypass" setting. If you want to turn of delay and/or reverb, you push the knob in until it clicks and turn down the delay and reverb settings to 0 or whatever you want.
it sort of helped, like at first i wanted a peavey through popular vote(and results and experience)but it soon swayed down once i re-posted and the majority seems to be turned toward vox now.
Save a little more and get the 20x or 30x. Unlike the 15x, they have built in effects and more lead tones and a built in chromatic tuner. It has reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, flanger, and phaser.
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