Please help me with this i really don't have a structured mind. I need someone to help me make a practice schedule. If someone would be so kind...
thanks in advance
You don't need a schedule to make real improvements to your playing, the idea that you do is a complete myth.
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you don't actually need a practice schedule, but it can help if you use it effectively. What I do is collect exercises and such from online things or that people have told me and i categorize them into things like warm ups, picking technique (alternate, economy, sweeping, etc), scales and scale patterns, chord practice techniques and theory, songs, etc. Once you've done that, set aside a certain amount of time to practice each section (or as many as you can get through in your practice time) and go through your exercises with a metronome, working up to a daily (or weekly) goal. if you can commit to do that, and find quality exercises, i'll guarantee you see improvement