I ordered my rosewood fretboard from stewmac assuming it would be tapered allready but i dont think it is because it looks huge. so i was wondering if anyone could give me some measurements for the taper.

this guitar is meant for my girlfriend so if that could be taken into account i would appreciate it.

also very soon i will be starting my own build thread. the only reason i havent yet is because i dont feel like figuring out how to post pictures yet. so if anyone could help with that it would be appreciated also.

thank you!
What size nut are you using? That will be the width at one end. The width of the other end follows the taper on the strings plus around 3/16" either side. You'd have to work this out accurately by drawing a full-size plan - draw a centreline, mark the nut and bridge (scale length). Work out where your highest fret will be and add a little bit for the fretboard end.

You then need to know the E to E string spacing of the nut and bridge, mark these measurements and join the dots (that'll be your high and low E strings). Add 3/16" on the outside edge of those two strings and that'll be the fretboard/neck width.

Hope that makes sense?