Hey guys, i've been using a "Line 6 spider III" amplifier for about 2 years, not the greatest of amps in my opinion, and i'm looking to buy a stack amp for myself. Thing is I know literally nothing about amps, and i've been looking on youtube at some demo's for marshall stacks, and the one that seems to stick out in my mind is the "Marshall MG 100 HDFX Half Stack" but there are some comments on it, saying how it's really cr*p.

Anyway, i came here hoping you guys could give me some advice on what to buy?

Here is some demo's of my band, to give you an idea of what sound i want.

(Listen to "I Wonder Why" & "English Garden")

If i had to name some band or artists for what i want to sound like, i'd have to say a "Strokes" sort of sound, maybe mixed with some "Two Door Cinema Club", but i want to have that basic crunchy distortion tone to fall back on. Any help for an amateur? Thank
atm i'm selling my guitar on eBay for £350, and my dad is willing to chip in £200, so i'm gonna say roughly £600 i'll spend. Would the Vox or Fender be loud enough?
This sounds just like me, I sold two of my old guitars for cash to buy a new amp. I also use(d) a Line 6 Spider III and I agree they do suck. I'm probably gonna get a Vox amp or an Orange. You dont need a stack.

EDIT: ^ Yes.
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More than enough. When I play shows with my Mark V, I have it on the 40 watt setting, barely around 10 o'clock. With that amount of money I'd just try to look around your local used market. Maybe even check out some Orange amps as your in England.

Check out some of the Blackstar models, they make some good stuff for cheap.
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Yeah the Line 6 Spider Amp is truly terrible :L I used it cause it was cheap and the guy said it was a good starter amp, which it is to be fair, but i need something a little more advanced.

I'm not bothered about effects, as i'm going to buy a delay pedal and reverb pedal, but i want a good distortion and clean sound
So overall something like a Vox AC30 would be good for me? Is the distortion tone good on Vox's? I know a guitarist who claims the clean tone is one of the best he's played on.
A Blues Junior and a Tubescreamer would be a great choice imo.
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