Alright guys before I ask what you guys think I should do, let me fill you in on my position.
In three months I will be going off to college, for the fall semester at a large university.I play Funk/Rock guitar, and I am hoping to start a band with some friends, although one of these friends won't be at my university until next year.
My equipment is
- MIM Fender Strat
- Vox Pathfinder 15W amp
- Boss ME-70

I plan on gigging during college not so much the first year though, and I'm going to practice in my dorm/wherever using my ME70 and some headphones.

Now, I have a $450-$600 budget that I can spend on anything, and I was wondering what you guys think I should buy.
I've narrowed it down to a few choices for the most part.

In no particular order,

An amp capable of gigging in the $450-600 range
A case for my stratocaster
Boss DS-1 or similar distortion pedal
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff or similar pedal
Wah Pedal
New Guitar (Not very likely)

My question is what would you do if you were in this situation? I plan to gig, but should I wait until later to buy an amp because I most likely won't use it very much unless I gig the first year which seems unlikely. Can someone share what they would do if they were in my situation?

Also, if this thread doesn't belong in this forum, can someone please tell me where would be a more approriate place to put it?
buy a nice amp, maybe a carvin, or peavy, fender or Vox.
upgrade your current guitar (locking tuners, after market pickups)
get a nice case for your guitar

that's really it. The guitar you have is fine, so there is really no need to upgrade unless you don't like it or you want to go with an American Strat or something.

You already have an ME-70 which has every effect that you would probably want to use so getting more pedals would really be a waste because you already have them in the pedal board.
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Thanks for the reply. I don't know much about aftermarket pickups or anything like that. How much do decent aftermarket pickups go for and what would I be looking for in the case of my genre and such?
assuming you like the guitar, i'd get a new amp. maybe upgrade the pickups of the guitar. case would be useful if you're going to be transporting the guitar about a lot.
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