Ok so heres the deal, i'm about to buy a second guitar to take away to work with me and prefer thicker neck LP style guitars (already have an epiphone LP custom), so have pretty much decided to spend the money on a gibson studio or equivalent quality guitar (around $1-1.5k)... BUT i have just found out my local music store is having a 45% off sale on Ibanez guitars, and checking out their range they have a couple really nicely featured up LP style guitars, the ART700EQM and the ARZ800.

Now my issue is, with this sale, i can get the ibanez' for half the price of the Gibson, with EMG pickups and the same woods/hardware types. and being a metal player I'm tending toward the Ibanez's.. BUT i can't find any reviews on the guitar and as such are cautious of the quality difference between the guitars.

anyone played a Ibanez ART700 or ARZ800? thoughts?
is the Gibson name worth the extra 600 bucks?