So I stopped in a guitar shop in west village nyc and he showed me a fretless fender p bass from 1983. heavily dinged and it looked as if someone ripped off the bridge and pickup cover. looked like a pretty beat-up bass to be honest. i looked at the price and they were asking 2k. im wondering, why the heck a 1983 p bass with nothing special and a lot of dings and surface scrapes can be sold for 2k. is that normal? anyone got some redic price quotes from local shops. chime in. Thanks.
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there's a dinged up squier bronco in my local pawn shop, it's like $150, if it was red I'd haggle for it, but I would not pay new price for an old bronco. I think it's just the fact they say fender on the headstock, they feel they can charge anything
Wasnt it the case that 1970-1980 fenders were shit. But now there "vintage" there all tthe popular and expensive. A load of hype and no better then my jazz which i bought for £400 second hand.
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Usually when I'm in doubt about prices, I'll hit up eBay to get a feel for the price climate of an item. As you can see, here's a very nice example for about 1k less.

Unless an item has some sort of provenance (owned by so-and-so in this huge band, only 1 of 5 made), 2k for a beat up 28 year old bass is pretty overpriced.
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Wasnt it the case that 1970-1980 fenders were shit

You're thinking the CBS era? That was 1965-1985, although instruments that get the worst rep for being so hit and miss is those from the 70's. Those are the instruments that more recently experienced a price jump and became that much more collectible.

2k is very steep price for an 80's Fender that isn't an odd model or from a special run or something. Even if it were an Elite in good condition that's a lot to be asking.
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my thoughts exactly. this dude was so hyped about the price too lol shit was super banged up and missing so much o.g. parts it was redic. the guy even lied and said it was a 71, tag said 83 lol :P was wack. uhno man, im not a fenders man myself, but just wondering if that was a normal price or not.

btw, if he had a 71 ric id be all up in that mofo haha
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