i have a tonebone classic and im wondering if anyone knows any mods to increase the output volume without increasing the gain. im not really a high gain player. i use this pedal as a boost and to shape the tone. however, it doesnt quite have enough of a boost for my liking. it can get decent volumes, but only by upping the drive after cranking the level.

there are some things i could do for more volume, but it means changing the tone. like adding more highs and use the mid switch. but i obviously dont just want volume for volume's sake. i also dont want to use a volume or boost pedal along with it. i dont like too many pedals to switch on for solos. i like to use the amp for dirty rhythm and then boost it with the tonebone for solos.

would changing the tube help at all? something tells me it wont help much if any. i havent seen too much about this pedal but from what ive read, its debatable how much overdrive is actually from the tube.

anyways, any help would be good. if not, i might just move my amp volume up a notch and bring it down on the guitar a bit. then ill boost and turn the volume up as well. id rather have it in the pedal though, its just easier that way.