Hey all, I just finished an album I've been writing and recording for a year the other day. If you like pantera, Metallica, maiden, a7x, ATR, ect youll like this stuff.
I'd love to hear feedback, suggestions, critique, ect from other users. Here is the link from my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sack-O-Straws/192080127472228?sk=app_178091127385#!/pages/Sack-O-Straws/192080127472228
thats pretty good. i especially liked the opening to "harry's theme".
Thanks, and also I've added all of the songs to my UG profile because I have a feeling facebook might not be loading for some.
"Harry's Theme": It got my head moving, so that's a good sign! Guitar playing could be a teensy bit tighter at times, but pretty good. About halfway into it, I felt it could use some vocals. But, overall it's pretty darn good! Good melodies, good lead guitar! Good job. Please review my music at this link:

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Overall very good. Strong Metallica and A7X influences. Great clean and lead tones, distorted could use work. Drum and bass tones need work also. I think vocals could really take this material to the next level though. Keep up the good work
I'm listenin to Harry' Theme right now. Sounds good, the playing is really tight. I'd suggest trying to get some of the fizz out of the tone, but other than that it's fine. I'm diggin the harmonized leads, good job all around man