Ok, there really isn't much to go on with this but! there in lies the problem. I seem to be horrible at structuring and progressing songs when writing (maybe this should be placed in a different section o.O) but I wanted some advice on how you guys would progress this ? and what you think of it. its my second take with guitar pro and I really am enjoying up it until I reach hitches >.<. le sigh.
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Well... Welcome to the hardest part of songwriting.

Grab your guitar, relax and just play. But don't expect something amazing every time.

As for structuring... Sometimes I try to just think of the most 'surprising' turn the song could take and go from there.

Anyway, good luck.

edit: TS, can I ask what your forum user pic is of?
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Well just to reassure you, what you have is fine. As far as structuring goes, look at the artists that you want to emulate. Sometimes I buy notation book solely for this purpose. Analyse their music so you know it better than the artist (Knowing theory helps with this so brush up with that if you're not familiar). If you're still struggling, think about what you have, where you want to repeat said idea and then think of a suitable "journey" that the music will take the listener on before getting back to your original idea.
Nice TS, I really like this intro, its so short, but its one of the best things Ive heard on here lately. However, if I were you, I'd give the bass a bass tuning, not a guitar tuning (Its tuned an octave too high, plus its on 6 six strings, it could be on 4). Also, Id love for you to continue it, but I wouldn't use that bass part, doesn't sound like a good fill or anything. Id take that out, and instead, I would probably continue with that buildup that you have going, the song is progressing to be heavier and heavier, so what Id do, is maybe have the two guitars do a harmonizing fill for one bar, and then move into a slower heavier styled section, like maybe with one guitar playing big chords and the other playing a nice post-hardcore like lead. Oh and also, a string ensemble or something would go great underneath it! Here, Ill show you my suggestion. Maybe itll give you some ideas on continuing.
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Ahh thank you for the replies ^-^! I buckled down... well not so much. I've sort of abandoned this, but only because it gave me lots of ideas to start a new song. I think what I need to learn is to simplify if not do things more tastefully and focus on evolving my melodies to be able to mold it better.

@MeanMrMustard, thanks for the help, I sort of just ripped your fill lol. But for what its worth, this is just a test. Bass was pretty awful haha, was a bit of a hack job to get something in. I'll be sure to use an actual bass tuning nextime lol.
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