Okay, I have tried this a few times on different sites but I'll try again.
I do vocals and I have for quite some time, I am looking to get a drummer(or someone to program drums), guitarist(or two), and a bassist together. It doesn't matter what state you are in or how old you are just have the equipment to play and record your tracks.

Now when I say metalcore I don't mean the crap that is out now, I mean early 2000 styled stuff like As Hope Dies, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Endthisday, Dead Blue Sky, Undying, Prayer For Cleansing, Bleeding Through(OLD), Poison The Well(OLD), XOne FifthX, Coma Eternal, Dead To Fall(OLD), Hopesfall, Cast From Eden, Love's Despair, Wings Of Scarlet, Darkest Hour, Soilwork(OLD), In Flames(OLD), Stranger By Day, Son Of Day, Black Paper Diary, Aria....melodic shit and Swedish death metal influenced shit.

For those of you interested but don't know any of these bands check this out.

7 Angels 7 Plagues

Prayer For Cleansing




Dead Blue Sky

Coma Eternal

Wings Of Scarlet

You get the picture, if you are down to write this kind of stuff please get in touch! I want it to be taken seriously for sure but it won't take too much of your time. I'd like to do a demo work on an EP and then a full length maybe just see where it goes and what we can write! Let's bring this stuff back and have some fun as well, I loved playing this stuff back in the day.

Email me at

or just reply on here!
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Hey man, I play guitar and would definately be interested in doing something like this. I'll throw you an email
i play keyboard is their any chance i wanna make cyber band which play online is it online live show type concept i want to make a team, are you interested