I know there are many techniques and methods for finger strumming, so I'm wondering which is the most easiest?

Right now I'm using the thumb/index finger method, but everytime I do an up strum I get stuck on a string and that kinda sucks. Any suggestions?
practice. i strum using either thumb and index finger sort of pushed together, or sometimes thumb, index and middle finger. do it more, you'll stop getting stuck. you might want to slow it down, see how you're catching on the strings and adjust things. years ago i used to have that problem, so i started keeping my thumb a little lower compared to my finger, and that took care of it.
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I use my thumb only for strumming, it's kind of like a slap/strum, but really you should use whatever you feel works best for you, some people use the thumb only and some people use the thumb with other fingers, I find when I use the thumb with other fingers it wears down my nails which causes problems when picking so I've practiced using thumb only, but really patti's right, which ever method you use the only way to get good is to practice a lot
I use a method very similar to "frailing' a banjo. Downstrokes with the nails of the middle fingers, upstrokes with the index, and the thumb alternates the bass.
Takes a while to get down, but results in a full-sounding strum which can incorporate bass runs and even melody notes.
I'd suggest when you using down stroke strumming to use your index and middle finger nails to avoid the extra thick droning from the underside of your thumb. During an upstroke, I'd suggest using the ail of your thumb or even your two small fingers backside for that.
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I tend to use my index for downstrokes and thumb for upstrokes, basically flatpicking without the pick. Sometimes I'll flick my middle and ring fingers down as accents. Honestly though, for the fullest strum, I use my index, middle And ring finger for downstrokes, and thumb for upstrokes.
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I personally use a flatpicking style without the pick, but I know guys who use just the thumb, just the index finger, use thumb/index for alternating strums. Truth is that there are dozens of different finger strumming methods. You've just got to figure which one works for you.
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