Powerslave! A classic. The video is only the solo section and the harmony, not the whole song. I'm sure this has been covered a shit ton of times (maybe not the solo section) but this one is a more personal thing than ever. The first solo was one of the first I learned about 3 years ago but I could never get the other 2 until just recently and now here it is. Tried playing it is as close as possible so enjoy! And please LIKE the video if you did, check out my channel for more and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy the rest =)

Powerslave SOLOS by Vince Zafra
Commented on youtube but I would repeat it here.
Awesome performance man !!!!!!!!

Great maiden song and solos.

keep up the good work man

not as good you, but C4C ?
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Sorry for the super late reply. Got a new job and upgraded my guitar rig (POD HD500 =) ). Appreciate all the comments and glad you guys enjoyed! Everyone who posted a C4C, I will be checking them out now!
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Bloody awesome mate, listened to your LOTLDR cover to brilliant man

Much appreciated man!! Glad you like that one too. Such a good song that not many talk about for Maiden. I had to cover it!