So if you guys didn't know who i meant, i'm talking abt Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King.
I'm just wondering why the spotlight falls a lot more on King coz from what i've seen on their albums, most of the creativity seems to come from Hanneman.

And this extends to their playing live when I hear Kerrys being louder than Jeff's...

I don't know if its to do with the shaved head, the rhythmic headbanging, tattoos or that epic beard lol, i just feel that Jeff should get a lot more credit than he does...after all he was the mastermind of Angel of Death and Raining Blood....and you can't top those
I take all the credit from both of them and give it to John5.

(There was a festival called Soundwave a little while back here in Australia where Slayer were scheduled to go on before Rob Zombie, and had to pull out because of some medical issue. Zombie stepped up and filled the stage for the both of them. People were not happy. Except me.)

Although as to why King might get more recognition, I guess yeah, I'd put it down to image. I don't think of Slayer often, but if forced to, the only member I can picture if King. The badass biker look goes a long way.
lmao i saw the vid when the promotor announced that slayer was cancelling and there was like a barrage of bottles...one of the most hilarious things i've seen in a while...so more power to John5 haha

anyways yeah i also thought it might be image, but damn they have very good musical capabilities...specially dave lombardo...hes like their ace in the pocket, but without Jeff's songs they wouldn't have their status in my opinion...but i guess it all works out in some way...
i think kerry is more of the frontman cause that is his personality. jeff is kinda quite, man of few words if you will. i dont think jeff minds cause he probably dont really care to be in the spotlight. im not saying kerry loves to be in the spotlight, he just can be cause his personality. and i think looks has nothing to do with it. and kerry does contribute alot too, i think he writes alot of the lyrics, probably alot of riffs too. both are cool though.