Alright, the plan was to switch out my Alpha B500K pot for a shadow humbucker kill pot. Although I did a few other things to, now my guitar gives nothing but white noise which stops or changes how it sounds when you touch the neck pickup, but not the bridge, despite which one is turned on to.

This is the first real project I did that messed with the guitars wiring, so I probably made some huge noob mistake.

Swapped out pots
Changed my bridge pot to the neck one so the killpot would be closer to the strings, but still for the bridge
Changed the output jack



I also replaced the output jack with one I got from radio shack, and it has a 3rd prong I didn't use, so that might be part of the problem.


And I when soldering I tried to mimic what b.c. rich did with the other pots while trying to stick to the diagram on the shadow ones.

Diagram Shadow Gave: http://i51.tinypic.com/2jz6t3.png

Old Pot: http://tinypic.com/r/bg4vww/7

New Pot Attempt: http://i53.tinypic.com/wiu5j6.jpg

New pot attempt (bottom): http://i54.tinypic.com/281d9h.jpg

Schematics for the guitar: http://www.bcrich.com/images/schematics/lrg_njguitar.jpg

I think I screwed up the bottom, the diagram said to connect the pickup and ground wire to the same spot, and b.c. rich had a small metal wire going from the same spot to the ground prong, so basically I did all of these things and put it on one of these small orange rings.

Also they had the ground wire that connected all the pots together like inside of the wire that connected it to the switch, which was a bit weird. It basically was 2 wires in one.
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its kinda hard to see your wiring job in that pic, but i cant tell, is the lug on the volume pot soldered to the base?
did you play with the pickup itself? almost sounds like that pickup isnt grounded, so when you touch it it is.
id be checking ground connections. i cant imagine the stereo output jack would do anything weird. just double check your connections, and focus on the grounds coming from the pups. if you have a voltmeter and know how, you could do some checking around for continuity and make sure things are connected right
I think I screwed up how the pots connect together, because I think the ground wire is like hidden in the wires that connect it to the switch, and theres like 3 wires connnected to one of the copper circle things (the groud I think)

Its weird ontop because it doesn't really have anywhere to ground, its just these two copper circles and IDK if you're suppose to ground there or not.
^^ good eye! thats right, its really hard to see your pic, but the white wire should connect to the one with the longest probe on it, the ground should connect to the one with no probe on it, and the med length probe will not be connected to anything

the way he has it looks like both are connecting to the sleeve (hot is on the stereo, which is going to the sleeve on a mono cable)
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