The song is on my profile. The bass still needs to be recorded but there is midi bass and the vocals are also missing. The second solo is kinda sloppy but I'll clean it up later. Let me know what you think.
Very good, I was very impressed. I could feel the metallica in that song a lot. The harmonies about mid through were excellent. The only suggestion I would make is to work on the last solo. I could kinda sense you struggling with it and just trying to make it fast. try using maybe a different effect pedal or something for solos, my personal favorite is skreamer. it really does change the way you play. all in all it was really good. maybe make the bass a tad louder. check out some of my stuff through this link, its very metallica-ish / a7x you'd probabley like it. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1450658